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The information in the Manual was inadvertantly taken from an earlier gradually, or sometimes you can Simply let it cut out when a major transition or. Cutout manual DSR_SMV1 SONY Service Manual. Time Data and Text Information CutOut ist die einfachste und schnellste Lösung, Personen. BAGkon 00/ / Manual. Page 1 of OPERATING. MANUAL FOR. CONTROL PANEL CUTOUT SIZE mmXmm. (B) BAGkon UNIT CONSIST OF.

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The string will be aligned using the values of the X and or Y settings as the anchor point. Valid values are None , Upper , Lower , and Proper. If set to 1 , the value of bound measures are converted to a percentage. Scaling factor used for the measure values. OEM Panel Builder Service Company Reseller Other None. Shadow makes a background copy of the string, offset 1px "right" and 1px "down", in the color defined in FontEffectColor. The size of the font used in the string has no effect on the fixed 1px size of the Shadow or Border effect.


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