Crystal tower guide

crystal tower guide

As they are introduced to the crystals of another world, the mystery of those in their own world only deepens. Note: Guide and figures are currently based on the   Dragon Killer ‎: ‎If you’re aiming to farm the Drag. The Crystal Tower: Labyrinth of the Ancients Raid Guide (FFXIV:ARR Patch ) includes a complete summary of the raid & boss mechanics. This is an exploration event, you only need to clear it once to get the rewards. So, no grinding required:). ==Tips on Exploration== [0] Bring. Facebook Twitter Twitch YouTube. Ideally, heal up the tank completely before he gets hit, because it even crushes through Hallowed Ground. Firaga, Aeroga, Thundaga Counters: Log in or sign up in seconds. Fuma Kyahan PGL ROG MNK NIN.

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Bone Dragon must be killed 3 times before it is finally defeated. Aside from these, however, one of the more challenging new dungeons is the first step in what looks set to be a multi-part, episodic quest to explore the Crystal Tower in Mor Dhona, however. By Pete Davison 6. I shall continue to announce that I am new and if someone leaves I will be happy that I won't have to put up with them as they probably were lazy or a troll, etc. Then he said I caused the wipe for not stunning Dira's Void Fire even when there were three adds on the floor by then Remember that the ELT is really Elite, you really need an optimized party and strong friend to clear this one and a nice planning. crystal tower guide


FFXIV ARR: Crystal Tower (Labyrinth of the Ancients) Strategy & Guide

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Thanatos though should probably be tanked facing outer edge. So you just hit level 60 Catching up to 3. Each pool has its own lockout, so if you're leading the raid, be sure everyone is inside the barrier before you start the fight. Live from Paris, It's Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXI Posted: After that, it's time to open the doors of the Crystal Tower.