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Over the last 10 years, ITM has published hundreds of articles relating to the history, study and continuation of Chinese medicine. A wide selection of the articles. Return to ITM Online. TREATMENTS FOR THYROID DISEASES WITH CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE. by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for. Allgemein · Was ist zu beachten? Wer darf das Gerät nutzen? Wo finde ich eine Gebrauchsanweisung? Wie reinige ich das Gerät? Wie massiere ich richtig?.


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Home About Articles Formulas Practitioner Guide Veterinarian Guide Acupuncture Schools Famous Doctors. Women are about four times more likely than men to suffer hyperthyroid disorders, eight times more likely to suffer hypothyroidism, and about twice as likely as men to suffer thyroid tumors. Like the previously listed prescriptions, these all contain sea materials, and the formulas are made either as high dosage decoctions or pills in this case, the dosage of the pills is smaller. Shweta Sutar First of all! In the case of hyperthyroidism, the following have been mentioned in the Chinese literature [24]:. Among those who are not cured but show symptomatic improvement, usually with accompanying changes in blood parameters, continued use of herbs, alone or with Western drugs, is necessary.